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Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Got Android on your Car? Car Penguin brings what matter for your driving journey to the surface. Make it your default head unit launcher and enjoy your trips. With convenient interface the application serve driver’s needs including maps and navigation, media/music player, phone calls, contacts and more.

A few things we’re great at

Supports multi-languages, multi-themes and bidirectional layout. The application has been inspired by the Porsche Panamera head unit systems and offer the professional experience to Android platforms.

Maps & locations

We know maps, locations, traffics and route options are all essentials for any car driver and we focus our development effort to the fulfill these needs.

media player

Media player is another crucial feature for car drivers and we carefully consider the simplicity and precautions for non-distractions while driving.

phone & contacts

As most people coupled to their smartphones, we work hard on the integration between phones and the head unit for data synchronization.


Personal preferences is vital factor in which belong driving convenient and we focus on providing the most features customization possible.

contact information

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149 Mirghany Street, Heliopolis – Egypt


(+20) 109 – 464 – 7142

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